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Another record month

Once again, all the sites in the Throng Media network enjoyed positive growth in March with the overall visitor numbers up a solid 83% on the same time last year to 516,839 visitors. Page impressions across the network were also up 104% to 963,722.

Throng Australia had a stellar month, reaching 228,163 visitors (+154%) and 474,152 page impressions (+214%).

While ad revenue in New Zealand remained flat, total ad revenue was also up more than 300% on the previous year.

More year on year growth

February’s numbers are in and the Throng network of sites has once again experienced strong growth on the same period last year.

Overall, visits were up 45% and impressions were up 52%.

Throng UK has delivered the best result with visitor numbers increasing by 104% to just under 140k

More excellent year on year growth across the network in January

February 1 2011 | Australia | Canada | New Zealand | UK | Add a comment

Year on year growth has continued across the Throng network for the month ending January 31st with Throng UK again experiencing its best month ever, breaking through 180,000 visitors.

Total traffic was up 56% on the same period last year, up to 435,000 visitors.

Network growth was the following:
Throng Canada: 379%
Throng UK: 117%
Throng Australia: 53%
Throng New Zealand: -1.7%

Digital Advertising Sales people wanted in Australia and the UK

August 18 2010 | Australia | UK | Add a comment

With our continued growth, Throng Media is now looking for experienced digital ad sales people to represent our sites to advertising agencies and direct clients in Australia and the UK.

Initially, This would not be a full time position but would provide a reasonable income for the right candidate.

Interested applicants can request further information by emailing hr@throngmedia.com

3 News Awarded Best News: January 2010

3 News has come out on top after the first month of a year long critique of the first five stories on the six o’clock news bulletins conducted by Throng.co.nz.

The study is in response to the general public’s lamenting of news standards and aims to bring greater accountability and awareness and ultimately a better news service.

3 News took ten wins over One News who took eight; with 13 being awarded as a tie.

Mistakes by One News included showing CCTV footage of the original Haiti earthquake but telling viewers it was of the 6.1 aftershock eight days later, and saying a rescued Haitian child was four months old when it really was sixteen months.

On Friday, to support their “breaking news” item, One News told viewers they learnt about the hadda beetle infestation in the past hour, however the story featured an interview with Auckland City Councilor Greg Boyle which was filmed at 4:30pm.  Further, the beetles had been discovered in the previous week.

One News featured three news items in their top five stories during January that had already been reported elsewhere at least ten days earlier.

Despite taking the win, 3 News still had their share of mistakes including incorrectly calculating the tax on $10 for minimum wage earners to be approximately 40%.

For the complete report, including lists of number of live crosses, number of breaking stories, mistakes, controversies, exemplary and silly reporting and old stories dressed up as new ones, visit: http://www.throng.co.nz/january-news-summary-2010

Throng New Zealand to go offline in protest to unjust and unworkable copyright laws

February 21 2009 | New Zealand | Add a comment

On Monday February 23rd, Throng will be joining a large and growing group of websites who will be voluntarily taking themselves offline in protest to Section 92A of the copyright act which comes into force on the 28th.

From 8am – 12pm, visitors to Throng will be redirected to a message regarding the protest with no areas of the site being accessible.  Access to the website will return to normal from midday.

This new law, which was passed by the previous Labour government and is now being endorsed by the current National government, assumes guilt upon accusation and without any normal due process will result in repeat infringers having their internet connections disconnected.

This protest is not an endorsement of copyright infringement or illegal downloads but a stand against our basic human right to be innocent until proven guilty.  The law has serious ramifications for business and could easily be used by one party to successfully disconnect a competitor using malicious allegations with no opportunity for redress by the accused and no penalties for false allegations.

For more information regarding this protest and the BlackOut campaign, please visit www.CreativeFreedom.org.nz

Writers wanted in Canada, Australia and the UK

February 5 2009 | Australia | Canada | UK | Add a comment

Throng Media is hiring writers who are enthusiastic about television in Canada, Australia and the UK.

Bloggers will have access to resources from television networks and production companies from their respective countries but will also be expected to gather additional news and resources to assist them with preparing posts.

We require writers who can add the some or all of the following: up-to-date news, spoilers, reviews, features and recaps/calculating points for our online games. Bloggers will be expected to add at least 5 posts per week with a minimum of 250 words each.

Knowledge of Drupal, SEO and interviewing an advantage. Basic HTML and image editing a requirement as is living in the country you’ll be writing for. Australian and Canadian east coast residents are preferred.

Bloggers will be paid per post with further incentives on reaching traffic goals.

How to apply

Please send 1 short writing sample relating to television in the country you wish to blog for and links to any additional online writing to regan@throngmedia.com

Throng announces winners of the 2008 Shortland Street Fan Awards

With almost 85,000 votes being cast in Throng’s third annual Shortland Street Fan Awards, this year’s results are the biggest yet!

It’s been a huge year for Shortland Street. The show celebrated its 16th season with its critically acclaimed serial killer storyline drawing to a close over a thrilling three nights. Temuera Morrison returned at Dr Hone Ropata for a six week stint. Craig and Justine played detectives to try and bring down ruthless drug company Scott Spear. We said goodbye to Toni, Craig, Guy and Justine. The Whitetails gang, their violence and criminal activities have been drawing in Keiran, Ethan, Libby and Tania. Chris Warner was toppled as CEO by Callum. Ethan and Brooke are slowly weaving their web of lies in Ferndale.

Viewers gave the show an average rating of 7.8/10, up from 7.6/10 last year. 19% scored the season a perfect 10.

“Shortland Street 2008 has been great year jam-packed with awesome storylines which have kept us on the edge of our seats! Congratulations to the writers for another wonderful year of Shortland Street! World class now.”

“I have MS so Shortland Street is something to look forward to each day. Thank you.”

“It just keeps getting better, even my partner has mentioned that it is so much better story line wise and acting wise, and he doesn’t usually watch it.”

“My secret pleasure!”

Alice Piper took out the favourite female character as well as Toni Potter winning favorite female actress but fans aren’t too keen on her relationship with newcomer Ethan Pierce.

Special mention must go to Alice: could anyone have a worse year? From being kidnapped and operated on by a psycho, getting pregnant and not knowing who the father was, being hounded by the media, nearly becoming an alcoholic, getting engaged then breaking up and then her partner being murdered, having a premature baby which died and then hooking up with the newest villain in town but her lesbian best friend is in love with her… Phew, could we just give Alice a little break next year?

Thanks to the demise of the Ferndale Strangler (Joey Henderson) who won the award last year, Kip Denton has gone from runner up to favourite male character.

Viewers had mixed thoughts on the introduction of the Whitetails gang. Some felt it provided “excellent forecasting of social issues in NZ” and praised the complexity of characters such as senior gang member Kingi. “The power of the programme in terms of its ability to link in with youth and older aged kids is quite an opportunity to remove barriers such as racism, inclusiveness, peer pressure etc, gender expectations.” However others felt the show was making “gang life appealing and something that people can get away with, punish them!!!” and felt “we are stuck with gang members in New Zealand so it would be good not to have them on Shortland Street, promotion for gangs, there are too many fools here already joining gangs.”

Fans on New Zealand’s TV community website Throng (throng.co.nz) and Shortland Street fansite StreetTalk (streetalk.co.nz) voted on 28 awards and results of winners and runners-up are as follows:

Favourite male character
Kip Denton
[Kieran Mitchell]

Favourite female character
Alice Piper
[Libby Jeffries]

Favourite male actor
Adam Rickitt
[Michael Galvin]

Favourite female actress
Toni Potter “It’s no wonder Alice (and Toni!) needed some time out from Ferndale this year, Toni’s acting was superb and so intense!”
[Fleur Saville]

Hottest male
Benjamin Mitchell “TK spent too much time clothed. TK should display that torso more often and talk less”
[Adam Rickitt]

Hottest female
Faye Smythe (third year in a row)
[Anna Jullienne]

Best dressed character
Libby Jeffries
[Brooke Freeman]

Worst dressed character
Luke Durville
[Kip Denton]

Best hair
Tania Jefferies
[Libby Jeffries]

Worst hair
James “Scotty” Scott
[Brooke Freeman]

Most missed character
Toni Warner
[Craig Valentine]

Favourite new character
Kingi Te Wake
[Morgan Braithwaite]

Most likely to make it in Hollywood
Adam Rickitt
[Benjamin Mitchell]

Character you’d most like to get rid of
Ethan Pierce
[Brooke Freeman]

Favourite couple
Libby and Kieran
[Tracey and Kip]

Worst couple
Alice and Ethan
[Brooke and Ethan]

Favourite major storyline
Serial killer ending
[Scott Spear mystery]

Favourite episode
Serial killer ending (Part 3)
[Justine Jones' fake death]

Favourite quote
“I am Joseph James Henderson. Gone but never forgotten” – Joey

Rate the 2008 season overall

Which non-dead character would you most like to bring back

Also notable:
Hone, Guy, Rachel, Nick, Waverly, Tane, Lionel and Angus.

Best thing to happen this year on the show
Serial killer ending
Scotty and Shanti’s wedding

Funniest moment
Libby fighting the gossip columnist in the bathroom at the new IV and calling her a “huckery mole”
The dinner party with Gerald’s eccentric parents

Also notable:
Gerald hiding in Riley’s shower
Gerald high on ecstasy
Libby’s speech to people with food allergies
Kip’s bare bum

“It seemed funnier this year… the lines the actors have make me chuckle!”
“I have really enjoyed Gerald’s lines…he cleverest part of Shortie at the moment and he delivers the lines with aplomb.”

Saddest moment
Toni’s death
[Alice's baby Kelly dying]

“Too many deaths this year – too many good characters leaving. Toni was awesome and it would have been great for her and Chris to finally sort things out. Also poor Alice too much grief – the baby could have lived.”

Most boring storyline
Shanti and Scotty

Biggest letdown
Craig’s death
[Toni's death]

One wish for the 2009 season
For Justine to return
[Kieran and Libby to get married]

Also notable:
For Joey to return – as a ghost, or a secret twin, or in flashbacks
For Maia and Alice to get together
Resolution of the Scott Spears saga
Less deaths
More love, joy, peace, babies and happiness

More viewer comments:

“It’s an amazing show! The best on TV by far! I would like to personal congratulate all of the cast and crew on creating an amazing show!”

“THIS IS THE BESTEST SHOW IN NEW ZEALAND (followed closely by Outragous Fortune)”

“Thank you for your hard work and for giving me something to look forward to in my evenings. Have a 6 year old son and he knows when Shortland Street is on it’s mummy time and not to disturb me for 30 minutes. Keep it going everynight – stop closing over Christmas period as we can’t wait so long for the next episode! Please make it one hour episodes the whole year long not only in winter time.”

“Keep up the great work, it’s nice to be reminded that the drama in my life is not as full on as Shorty’s, thanks guys. x”

See past winners of the Shortland Street Fan Awards: 2007 and 2006

For further information on these awards and viewer comments, contact us.

Throng.co.nz Launches 3rd Annual Shortland Street Fan Awards

New Zealand television website throng.co.nz has today launched the 3rd Annual Shortland Street Fan Awards.

Fans of New Zealand’s longest running drama series are being invited to vote in more than 25 categories ranging from the hottest actor and actress and favourite episode to the best couple and who is most likely to make it in Hollywood.

Voting is open until the 28th of November with the winners being announced on Monday, December 1st, 2008. Preliminary results will be available to media on request on the 17th of November.

Over 20,000 votes were cast during the 2007 awards.

Have your say by voting today in the Shortland Street Fan Awards by going to NZ’s TV Watching Community website throng.co.nz.

Throng Special Report: New Zealand’s Evening News Overall Coverage

Throng New Zealand (www.throng.co.nz) recently surveyed four free-to-air local news bulletins in depth over a four week period: ONE News, 3 News, PRIME News – First at 5:30 and TVNZ News at 8.

In many areas the four bulletins were very similar but there were also some surprising differences. This summary focuses on overall comparisons between the bulletins and is the second of a series of releases comparing the news bulletins over this four week period.

How did the news bulletins compare for news, sport and weather coverage?

ONE News: 57% News, 27% Sport, 16% Weather
3 News: 65% News, 25% Sport, 10% Weather
PRIME: 59% News, 36% Sport, 4% Weather
TVNZ 7: 74% News, 15% Sport, 11% Weather


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